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Four Signs Of A toxic Relationship

four signs you're in a toxic relationship


3. Your partner is over jealous

Most people mistake jealousy for an indication of love and concern, but it is a characteristic of a person who is possessive and controlling.

Jealousy symbolizes a lack of trust. A jealous partner want you to prove all the time that you can’t hurt him/her. He/she tends to be insecure.

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4. Criticism and contempt

Positive criticism is healthy for your self-growth. However, it will make you feel worthless and undervalued when used to express contempt and disdain. Does your partner always find fault in everything you do or say? If yes, your relationship is toxic.

It can be very difficult to be objective about your relationship. It is however important to be candid and admit when you notice signs of a toxic relationship. If your partner is not bringing out the best version of yourself, then it is time to take up actions.

Talk to him/her and let him/her know what you are going through. Someone who deserve you will listen and make an effort to change. If he/she ignores, then it is time to get out of the destructive relationship.

It’s hard to picture your life without your partner, but with distance and time, you will be able to clearly see the relationship for exactly what it was-very toxic.