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5 Tips For Defeating Low Self-Esteem


5. Pay attention to what you experience through your senses.

Be selective of what you let your eyes hear, your eyes see, your skin touch, your tongue taste and your nose smell!

Your senses will translate to you what feels right and doesn’t.

As you start to master your senses you will become more consciously attuned of your own self and your connection to reality.

6. Seek spiritual knowledge and understanding.

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. If you learn about nature, for example, you will quickly begin to see a reflection of yourself.

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When you start to realize that you are an energy being first and a physical being second, many doors of understanding will begin to open up.

Soon enough, low self-esteem will be but a memory.

Learn through my experience and find out the things that took me into an awakening to my true potential and started to change my perception of life and way of thinking.

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