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Can Time Heal All Wounds?

thinking about the past

Grieving is a natural healing process and it is only you who could tell if you have completely moved on.

Some may lift you up and encourage you to go on with your life, but you should take your time. Allow yourself to reminisce and cherish all the good memories. One of the reasons you fail to move on is due to an incomplete healing process.

You were only pressured to forget the person and move on because the people around you tell you so.

Everything takes times including healing. The wounds may leave a scar but this does not necessarily mean you cannot live a happy life without the other person.

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People come and go. It is hard to accept life without the other person and it will really take a lot of getting used to.

However, there are reasons for everything. The person who walked out of your life may be replaced by someone better.

Time may not always heal all wounds but it can make you stronger so you become a better person. People get wounded and just like a soldier in a battle, the wounds will give you more strength to continue your life.