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Can Time Heal All Wounds?

thinking about the past

For instance, you have finally decided to let go of a relationship that only caused you pain, but just when everything starts to fall into place, you suddenly remembered the times you spent when you were together.

Whether those memories are good or bad, you feel that life will never be the same without the other person.

You spent so many sleepless nights trying to figure out what really went wrong.

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You blame yourself for the failed relationship and you torment yourself with negative thoughts.

Time may momentarily help you forget the past but once you enter into another relationship, you realize that you have not moved on. You may be in a relationship but you restrict yourself from loving again. This is when you realized that the wounds have not really healed.

Another example is when you lose a loved one. There really is no time frame  when you should move on especially when you are emotionally attached to the person.

It may take years, but if the level of your grief does not seem to decrease and you have trouble moving forward, it is clear that the wounds are still waiting to be healed.

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