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A Powerful Way For Healing The Past That Still Affects You Today

start healing the past

All of us live in a great world where we experience duality, the experience of going through a wide range of emotions and situations we live both as negative and positive. A lot of times, the negative experiences although help us grow wiser as we go through our life experience, are often painful. But there is a way that can help to start healing the past.

Most of us do not understand that as humans it is very special to be able to experience both; difficulty and joy, for that is how we gain light and growth, that is how we begin to understand that we are more unique beings.

What we do not understand is how to overcome many of the obstacles, hurts and pains we go through our lives.

I want to share a very powerful and practical method to help you cleanse your inner being, to help you release a lot of the pain, and anger, to release the hurt and resentment that was caused by negative experiences of your past.

First of all, I want you to make a decision, this is very important.

Make the decision that from this point on, you will focus not in your past but in today and tomorrow for there is no point in letting ourselves be haunted by our past, no healing can occur if we do not clear our negative stored emotions found deep within us.


A Powerful Way For Healing The Past That Still Affects You Today

Start healing the past and move forward

In a piece of paper tune into all the negative feelings you have inside, those that are still lingering in the depths of your being, remember all the negative experiences you lived, and with passion, write and write every single word that can describe the emotions you feel, it can be short sentences or just words.

Think of all the negative experiences that marked you, write them all down on this paper, write all the feelings that still affect you today.

If you cannot fit it all in one sheet of paper, go ahead and fill another sheet, just make sure you remember all the negative experiences that are most affecting you even now and let all the emotions out onto this paper.

Once you have finished transferring all your emotions on paper, you may feel very negative and hurt having to remember all this, but trust me, it will help you heal. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Now, preferably outside where you can get fresh air, safely burn that paper, and along with it all the past hurts and negative emotions that don’t server you and that you have stored within your heart all these years.

Feel a great weight lift from your shoulders, from your inner being, feel the freedom and the sweet fresh air fill your lungs as you watch those negative experiences vanish for good.

Now that you are free, lift your head up and express gratitude for this opportunity of clearing your inner being. Now focus on the good things from this point on and take any new experiences not as bad but as learning experiences and focus on the good things that you have overlooked all these years.

For too long have you been stuck and for too long have you wasted great amounts of energy and time with past memories of negative experiences that don’t serve you.

Feel the freedom, and move on with your life into a more positive one.

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Photo source: Julie Jordan Scott

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