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9 Things To Help You Understand Friends With Social Anxiety

friends with social anxiety

friends with social anxiety

Trying to understand your friends with social anxiety may require you to decipher what really is going on inside their heads. Deep down inside, you know they are just having trouble fitting in, but the truth is, there is more to social anxiety than just having a hard time dealing with people.

If you have trouble understanding them, these 9 hints might just help you gain a better and deeper understanding of a socially anxious friend.

1. Social anxiety is not just about the fear of interacting with other people.

2. We have the tendency to make such a big deal out of petty things and you should not be surprised about it.

3. If we are going through tough times, sharing our problems only means we trust you.

4. We don’t want to look fragile around people, but we want to receive comfort when needed.

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