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7 Ways To Overcome Boredom

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4. Add A Twist To Your Normal Activities

If you often feel bored when you do the same activities over and over again, then you should consider shaking your daily routine a little bit. You can try changing your environment if you’re a writer like me. If the weather is conducive, try writing outdoors instead of indoors. You can also skip to a completely different part of your book or novel. And if you’re bored with your workout routine, trying doing different exercises or even taking a different path for your daily bike ride or jogging.

5. Visualize A Better Life For Yourself

Your imagination is a very powerful that you can use to overcome boredom. Visualize who and where you want to be, let’s say in the next 5 years. Do you want to be in the same situation you’re in now, or do you want things to get better? By that I mean – finishing your college degree, getting a better job, buying a home, getting married, having kids and things like that. Creating visual images of what you want to be in the future will stimulate you to work smart to make your dreams a reality. You won’t have time to feel bored.

6. Talk To People

Short-term boredoms often come in the form of waiting for a doctor’s appointment, waiting for a bus or train or even waiting in a bank hall to be served. If you look at the people around you, you’ll realize that most people are just as bored as you are. It won’t hurt if you strike a conversation with those around you. You never know, the conversation may become more stimulating as time goes and you can learn something new out of it.

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On the same note, you can also defeat boredom if you keep yourself busy with useful activities that interest you. This can be anything from playing a musical instrument, exercising, mastering your skills in photography or martial arts, reading a book to meditating.

7. Be Comfortable and Happy Spending Time Alone

Most people equate lack of activity and spending time along with boredom. As a result, they engage in endless surfing of the internet, drinking, or spend time with others (even those who bore them to death) just to kill time. If you fall in this group, you should stop running away from yourself. Accept who you are and learn to be happy and comfortable with your own company. It will be very hard to feel bored if you truly enjoy spending time with yourself.

Implement these tips to help you defeat boredom and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Image Credit: Jason Scragz