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7 Things Those Who Love A Woman With Anxiety Need To Know

woman with anxiety

1. Anxiety is physical. Your chest tightens, your head feels cloudy and you are acutely aware of the effort behind every breath. When you feel as though you have a small child made of frenetic negative energy trying to beat her way out of your body, it becomes impossible to ignore.

2. And it’s all-consuming. One of the reasons that anxiety is so frustrating is because the physical discomfort makes it impossible to think about anything else.

3. You feel anxiety in your hands, your chest, your head, your eyes and your stomach, out to the very tips of your fingers and toes. It’s there and it wants to get the hell out of your body.

4. It can be treated, but not “cured.” Even with years of therapy, like any chronic condition, anxiety disorders require management. Treatment is more about giving people with anxiety the tools to help themselves than making the anxiety go away forever.

5. We’re not “crazy.” Ban the word crazy from your vocabulary ASAP. It’s attached to a long history of being used to invalidate women’s thoughts and needs. Plus, everyone has their sh*t.

6. We know our triggers are irrational. Yes, we’re intellectually aware that we probably won’t die alone in an apartment full of cats, and we probably are not dry drowning at this very moment. Yet that awareness doesn’t change the fact that there are things outside of our control which make it nearly impossible not to have an emotional (and physical) reaction.

7. But we need your support — and your patience. Thanks for being there. It means more than you know.

What do you think? Do you agree with some? All?

source | photo credit: Son of Groucho

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