7 Struggles Only Those Who Have Trouble Waking Up Understand

sleepy kitten

I can remember when this used to be a number one issue back then when I hated the job I had, it was always a horrible drag every single day for 4 miserable years. But whether you hate your job or love your job…There are those who still have an extra hard time getting out of bed regardless.


Do any of these hit close to home?

1. Having to double- and triple-check the alarm on your phone before going to bed, because without it you won’t wake up until noon.

2. So you have to set a whole bunch of alarms, just to be safe…6:00 AM, 6:15 AM, 6:30 AM, 7:00 AM, 7:15 AM.

3. Which effectively trains you to wake up and then immediately fall back to sleep without ever really being conscious.

4. Making the alarms practically useless, so you have to turn the volume way up because surely something that loud will bother you enough to get out of bed.

5. But it doesn’t because the sleep between those alarms is the best sleep in the world.

6. And even if you only have two minutes left before you need to wake up, you’re going for that DEEP SLUMBER because the blankets feel better and the pillows feel softer in the morning, so you burrito yourself in them.

7. Plus, you need to reward yourself for even thinking about waking up. I mean, if you really had to get up, you could, like if there was a fire or something, but there’s not. You’ve earned these two minutes of sleep and it would be wasteful not to use them.

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