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7 Positive Affirmations To Keep You Motivated

positive affirmations to keep you motivated

So, how do you repeat positive affirmations?

Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose affirmations that aren’t too long.

Repeat them several times a day, especially when your mind isn’t engaged in important things like driving, crossing the street, etc.

Pay full attention to the statements you’re repeating.

Be as relaxed as possible.

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Choose present tense, as opposed to future tense. For instance, instead of saying, “I will be rich”, say, “I am rich now”.

Stronger faith, feelings and desire in what you say to yourself, brings faster results.

Feel free to use the above positive affirmations to motivate yourself whenever you’re feeling low and discouraged. Repeat them several times day, as you work towards achieving your goals by taking some sort of action, and very soon you’ll live the life that you’ve always desired.

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