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3 Easy Steps To Stop Worrying

3 things to stop feeling worried

2. Analyze

After your deep breaths, you are now free to think again. Analyze your situation. It will be easier if you write about it on a piece of paper.

Write down all the things that make you worry, and then write down all the possible solutions on it. Just write as many as you can.

Analyze your problems and your solutions. If it’s hard for you to find an answer to your problems, you can talk about it to someone you trust.

If you trust no one, then pray hard and meditate more. If you are an atheist or agnostic, then it’s for you to find out how you can cope on your situation.

Being an open-minded person can help you to see every possible thing and every beautiful thing in the world.

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Why not give yourself a try to believe on something you never believe? Expand your limiting beliefs.

You have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow never ends, it will only end when you die. So, why not try?

3. Intention for Action

You considered trying the first two steps. Now, what are your intentions? Analyzing your problem so you can stop worrying always follow your intentions to take an action.

A good intention will take you far but a bad intention can only make you worry more in the long run.

Always think about your intentions. If it’s for your own good and everyone’s good, then you can take an action for it.

Worries will remain worries in our heads if we allow it to continue without doing anything.

Therefore, do something.

By Gladys Batenga from Choki Art