15 Remarkable Benefits Of Green Tea According To Science

Green tea helps prevent urinary tract infections

It not only battles inflammation but also invigorates the kidneys and liver, which can even keep a urinary tract from happening in the first place.

A study also found proof that green tea had an antimicrobial effect on the bacteria known to cause urinary tract infections.

Since the ingredient in green tea, known as EGC, is secreted in high concentrations in our urine, it can kill off the bacteria where they are, right in the urinary tract.

Green tea lowers the acidity in your saliva and improves oral health

One major way this happens is by controlling bacteria and lowering the acidity in your saliva.

With those factors in place, it is a good way to prevent cavities and other forms of tooth decay from ever happening. This helps prevent bad breath as well and can be a substitute for mouthwash.

The anti-inflammatory properties found in the drink can also make your gums healthier which can translate into fewer cases of gingivitis and other disorders of the gums.

It only makes sense, as well, that if cavities are prevented and gums are healthier, then you will experience less tooth loss than someone who does not drink green tea.

Green tea gives you a warm, calm feeling all over

drinking tea

It is no surprise then to find that green tea is also known to play a large part in decreasing bouts of depression.

L-theanine, which is found in the green tea leaf, has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, finding its way to the brain where it helps in the production serotonin.

The more green tea you consume, the greater these calming effects are.

In addition to helping increase serotonin levels, green tea also aides in producing brain waves, which are known as alpha waves. Alpha waves are most often seen in people who are in a state of relaxation.

Green tea may also slow down aging

Those who drink green tea in abundance seem to look at least five years younger than those who do not.

Thanks to the abundance of amino acids and antioxidants in green tea, which affect the body on a cellular level, the body’s cells are affected in such a way that they retain a great deal of elasticity and are less prone to wrinkles.

The effects of green tea can also be seen in the delaying of the damage your skin takes on from the sun and can even help prevent skin cancer in those who drink the tea in abundance.

In Japan, some practice a green tea ceremony and the life span of those who partake in it is a bit longer than other Japanese citizens who do not.

The bottom line is, drinking green tea has been found, again and again, to have more healthy benefits than any other drink in the world.

Source: Jen Reviews

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