15 Remarkable Benefits Of Green Tea According To Science

Green tea can help with weight loss

Green tea can be incredibly effective as part of a structured weight loss regime.

In addition to strong antioxidants, the caffeine content, which is less than that which is present in coffee, is just enough to have a mild effect in the area of weight loss.

Caffeine, well known as a stimulant, aids in burning fat while at the same time, improves exercise performance, thanks to a boost in metabolism levels.

Green tea also helps by inhibiting the enzyme in charge of breaking down norepinephrine, which is responsible for signaling fat to break down.

Once the norepinephrine is free to send that signal, without enzyme interference, fat begins to break down faster, enter the blood stream more quickly and be used more effectively as energy for the body.

Green tea can significantly reduce inflammation

Cytokines are the factors responsible for causing more inflammation in the body and can include the C reactive protein, interleukin-6 as well as tumor neucrosis factor-a.

Green tea works to stop pro-oxidant enzymes, which in turn helps to slow down and reduce the inflammation associated with it.

This effect can really make a difference for those who suffer from arthritis, as in addition to reducing inflammation, the green tea acts to alter the redox status within the joints themselves, as well as regulating cartilage balance.

Studies have also shown that inflammation due to infections, physical injury and antibodies can also be reduced by drinking green tea.

Green tea improves your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels

sugar levels

It can boost the activity of insulin within the body by up to 15 times the normal amount and can act with the same abilities for controlling blood sugar as insulin does.

A study has even shown that drinking green tea has been found to reduce the blood sugar spike that occurs after ingesting starchy foods by as much as half.

These conclusions were made based on the equivalent to drinking about one and half cups of green tea.

The study did state, however, that the spike in blood sugar was only affected if the tea were consumed at the same time as the starchy food. Drinking the tea hours before or after did not reduce the blood sugar spike.

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