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2. They Let The Past Dictate Their Future

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This is another major cause of unhappiness in many people’s lives. If you’re constantly thinking about the experiences (both good and bad) you’ve had in the past, there are high chances; this is affecting your current life in lots of areas. It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through, the past is gone, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. So, never let it determine who you are now or where you are going.

Instead, learn to let go of the things that are out of your control and focus on today. Ask yourself this, “What can I do differently today to change my life for the better?” There must be at least something you can do right this very second that can significantly improve your life. If you’re ready to take action, these simple tips can help you let go of your past so it doesn’t dictate your future:

Let Go Of Your Past Mistakes And Forgive Yourself

Perhaps you’re blaming yourself for letting your self-limiting beliefs hold you back for so long, or regretting something bad you did in the past. You may not realize it, but the truth is, the regrets and self-blame are slowly shaping your future. But you don’t have to let your past failures prevent you from achieving what you want in life. Learn to forgive yourself (and all the people who hurt you) and let go of all those painful memories that you have no control over. You have what it takes to break free from your past so that you can live a happy, healthy and successful life.

Set Small Achievable Goals

If you’ve not been able to achieve one of your big dreams and you’re feeling terrible about it, perhaps you should think about breaking it down into smaller manageable chunks. Setting smaller, achievable goals can help build your confidence, motivate you to keep moving forward, and set you up for success.

Ask For Help

It’s not easy to seek help when you’re at your lowest point, but that’s what you need to do at this very moment. The people who genuinely love and care about you for who you are will always be there for you no matter what, so reach out to them and share what you’ve been going through. I’m sure; they’ll be happy to help you in the best way they can.

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Do What Makes You Happy

What better way to break away from all that sadness of being trapped in your past than doing what makes you happy. This could be an activity such as walking your dog, singing, watching a movie, dancing, working out, etc. If possible, find a trusted friend or family member to keep you company. I’m sure you’ll have more fun together than when you are all by yourself.

Be Patient

You have the power to create the life you deserve – a happy, healthy and meaningful life. So, don’t let past regrets, inaction or limiting beliefs prevent you from living that life. Make the necessary changes in your life and be patient, it’s only a matter of time before things change in your favor.

Overall, letting go of the past and living fully in the present is the key to becoming happier with who you’re, what you do and where you’re going.

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  • Unfortunately … without realizing, some people appear to derive some satisfaction from complaining. We all know… that person that always talks about the abuses in life they continue to suffer and you just can’t move them from that focus even if you take different approaches like empathy, silent listening (sounding board), or even just trying to joke to make things lighter. They ‘love’ and seem happy complaining about something, anything. It’s a habit that’s ingrained and second nature. Personally when I catch myself complaining I try not to make it worse by beating myself up for worsening my mood by my own frustrated complaints. I’m not perfect and I try to move on by tuning out what’s bugged me. Reading, meditating, listening to music and even changing directions, if in traffic, helps. After all, situations will always change. When in a better place I’m am grateful, even for my complaining friends and family as they provide the contrast that I learn from about myself. Imho.

  • Primarily, I think that it’s because they’ve created from all those experiences, an identity of themselves as who they see themselves to be. They are terrified of loosing this identity because after all, who will they be? It’s like a program that has been written in their subconscious mind from all their collective negative experiences. For some people it takes ongoing and consistent re-conditioning of the mind, but Interestingly enough, for many others it takes a traumatic experience that breaks the programming, it shatters the old paradigm, making room for a new one.

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