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Unhappy Habits Demystified Mini Course

As you can see, these are the major archetypes that make people unhappy. Much of it has to do with the program we developed from the time of our childhood up into adulthood.

I think it is greatly the responsibility of the adults in our life on how they influence us when we are young, and eventually how we turn out. But I also believe it becomes OUR responsibility to change it when we become old enough to understand as we become adults.

Use these past examples to look at areas that you may need to work on, and begin to focus not on the problem itself but the solution to change it.

There is no black and white solution to create happiness in our lives. But as we gain more and more awareness, our capability to deal with these increases, as we become more experienced and wise.

Remember that you may not be able to increase your experience as that usually comes with time. But you can increase your awareness and wisdom by ongoing learning. Especially learning from the experiences of others.

Self improvement resources online

Self Improvement Resources

The following are powerful guides that can help you along your personal development journey:

A Little Better Every Day

Step-by-step guide on how to apply a small change approach to your every day life. The results are creating success in business or career, relationships and more.

Get Out of The Hole of Negative Thinking and Find Your Ultimate Potential

My personal guide based on my own personal experience on how I overcame negative thinking and changed my life as a result.

The Law of Attraction: A Quick Guide to Your Hidden Manifesting Power eBook

After hours of research and reading trying to understand the Law of Attraction, I compiled only the most useful lessons I learned, this outlines the understanding of how to make the law of attraction work for you.

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5 Easy Methods To Destroy Bad Habits

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  • Unfortunately … without realizing, some people appear to derive some satisfaction from complaining. We all know… that person that always talks about the abuses in life they continue to suffer and you just can’t move them from that focus even if you take different approaches like empathy, silent listening (sounding board), or even just trying to joke to make things lighter. They ‘love’ and seem happy complaining about something, anything. It’s a habit that’s ingrained and second nature. Personally when I catch myself complaining I try not to make it worse by beating myself up for worsening my mood by my own frustrated complaints. I’m not perfect and I try to move on by tuning out what’s bugged me. Reading, meditating, listening to music and even changing directions, if in traffic, helps. After all, situations will always change. When in a better place I’m am grateful, even for my complaining friends and family as they provide the contrast that I learn from about myself. Imho.

  • Primarily, I think that it’s because they’ve created from all those experiences, an identity of themselves as who they see themselves to be. They are terrified of loosing this identity because after all, who will they be? It’s like a program that has been written in their subconscious mind from all their collective negative experiences. For some people it takes ongoing and consistent re-conditioning of the mind, but Interestingly enough, for many others it takes a traumatic experience that breaks the programming, it shatters the old paradigm, making room for a new one.

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5 Easy Methods To Destroy Bad Habits

Discover 5 easy ways to rewrite those habits sabotaging your progress
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