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How A Painful Childhood Affects You In Adulthood And How You Can Move Forward

childhood and adulthood

childhood and adulthood

Childhood encounters and experiences have a great bearing and effect on how a person conducts or carries him or herself in future. Painful experiences on their own have more of negative than positive outcomes in the future of an individual .

These encounters affect the psychological state of a person and as a result have effects on several spheres of life including: feelings, relationships with others, self-esteem and often physical health.

With that in mind, it is of great importance to be aware that the painful encounters can lead to emotional trauma that makes the basis of all the above effects.

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Taking one at a time, it is worth knowing that your feelings are tampered with in that you are regularly confused by your own emotions or reactions that you cannot even have a valid explanation for.You, from one point to another show expressions of being upset or uncomfortable.

Persistence of the confusion to adulthood results in heightened experiences of grief and sadness, shame, blame and guilt, alienation, helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

The remedy to this is first acknowledging the feelings, understanding where they originate, and why they are so intense remedies the situation to some greater extend.

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